When my fourteen-year-old cat Ben was seriously ill with allergies and an attack of feline asthma, Amy Fonarow came to our house and treated Ben using Reiki.

Amy has a very peaceful presence and animals warm to her immediately. In this case, Amy sat on the floor a few feet away from the cat. Ben had been laying down and was experiencing labored breathing. After a moment, Ben walked to Amy and lay down in front of her which is not typical of his reaction to visitors. Amy began the Reiki session with Ben.  After about twenty minutes, Ben stood up and walked to one of his usual sleeping places. He appeared to be considerably more comfortable and relaxed, and I believe Amy's work with Ben settled and relaxed him and contributed greatly to his healing process. I recommend Amy highly for her work with animals (and humans). She is a gifted healer.

~Susan Doran

I received a massage from Amy Fonarow at a time in which I was in prolonged pain. Amy was kind enough to drop what she was doing and give me what I felt was the best massage I had ever received. She seemed to instinctively know where my pain was without me mentioning it verbally. 

Even though Amy only had a half hour to give me, by the time she left, I was out of pain. I have been fortunate enough to have had many massages over the last twenty years, both at home and in spa settings, but none were as good as Amy’s. 

~Lisa Fonarow
Energetically, it is very pleasant to work with Amy. I feel her presence, and yet there is no “noise” coming from her, only mine . . . I love her quiet confidence and understated presence, a rare quality in my experience.  

~Michael Alexander

Amy is a gifted masseuse with healing hands. I have severe arthritis which is not only very painful but affects my balance as well, and my ability to walk confidently. After only one massage from Amy the kinks and knots were gone from my body, I could move with fluid comfort, and my balance was restored. I felt renewed and whole again.

Amy is absolutely genuine; her kindness toward and concern for her clients is boundless, and she is able to mix warmth and professionalism with ease. But as well as being a wonderful person on every level, Amy gives a fantastic massage!  This was the best I have ever gotten--I felt she was able to reach inside my tissues and coax out the pain that had been there for so long. And she listens to what you tell her; she combines her professional skill and training with how you want her to help you. Amy works in complete harmony with you. The only way it could get any better is if you could figure out how to give yourself a full body massage. It has been a week now and I still feel wonderful. 

I have complete faith and confidence in Amy’s massage, Reiki, and body healing work. I trust her not only to know exactly what she is doing, but to do it with complete respect and care for her clients. I am looking forward to my next appointment.

~J. Gorsi