About Me


I completed the groundwork of my bodywork education in 2006 at Hawaii Healing Arts College on Oahu.

The six hundred hours of Swedish foundation and twenty-four hours of Lomi-Lomi introduction fit in wonderfully as I earned my Bachelor's in Psychology and became a practicing Reiki Master.

I have since added to my education with a five-hour course in Deep Tissue Techniques, a four-hour course in Forearm Injury Management, and thirty-two hours of training in the healing art of Qi Gong.

I believe that kind, caring touch is a fundamental ingredient for wellness on all levels. 

I believe that suppressed emotions and constant negative thoughts interrupt the body’s natural energy flow, and this can lead to tension, discomfort, and disease.

I also believe there is a lot more to it.

For myself, I find it essential to keep learning, speak honestly, stand up for justice, and maintain my health and that of our planet as best I can.