My Services

Distance Reiki

$50 per half hour

Reiki can be sent at a distance and also forwards and backwards through time. Distance work is always interesting and fun, and I really enjoy the sessions!

For a distance healing session, we'll set up an appointment time during which you relax while I go into a light meditative state to work with you from a separate location.

We can do this via Zoom and discuss the session right there and then, or I can text you when the session is complete, and e-mail you the details in the next couple of hours.

Reiki Classes and Attunements

$150 per degree

Opening to one's Reiki abilities is a life changing experience.  A ot has shifted within me since my first Reiki training in 2006, and I am excited and honored to have the opportunity to teach this ancient healing art!

Each non-traditional, one-on-one Reiki class--which includes the initiation process called an attunement--lasts about two hours and is conducted via Zoom.  You will learn the history and typical uses of the Reiki degree you choose, and you will have time to ask plenty of questions. 

The culmination of class is your personal attunement--the initiation into your own Reiki abilities!  Your practice of Reiki after this special moment will become your greatest teacher.

You will want to take time after your class to eat and to rest.

Reiki I is the first degree, and it enables you to use Reiki by placing your hands directly on or above somebody (including yourself, which is really nice).

Reiki II enables you to send Reiki through time and at a distance.

Reiki III is the Master Level, and it enables you to initiate others into their Reiki abilities.  "Master" in this case means "Teacher."