Hours and Rates

Pay easily through PayPal using your credit card and my e-mail address afonarow@yahoo.com.  Checks and cash are also accepted, of course.

The hours shown are times that our session can begin. 

Hands-on Reiki for People and Pets

A full body Reiki session lasts one hour and is sixty-five dollars.  Pets and other animals take in Reiki faster than we do, and so their full body sessions last a half hour and are forty dollars each. Half hour sessions for humans are also available to accommodate specific injuries. 

Distance Reiki for People and Pets

Each remarkable session can take as long as a half hour and is forty dollars.

Reiki Classes and Attunements 

Classes and attunements are one hundred and fifty dollars each.  This pricing is consistent for all three degrees: First, Second, and Master.

Pet Sitting

Rates are based on the number of pets and their needs, but they run between thirty and seventy-five dollars per night.  Please see the "My Services" tab for more pricing details.

Session Locations

I am happy to work with you and teach in the convenience and comfort of your home or preferred outdoor setting.  Being there, you can maximize the benefits of our work by continuing to relax afterwards!

Pets often have a preferred lounging area, and their hands-on Reiki can take place in this comfortable setting.  

During distance healing, it's the Reiki that does the traveling! You and I will set up an appointment time, and you or your pets will rest while the appointment takes place.  I e-mail the details within two hours of the session's end.


Please contact me at least 24 hours in advance in order to reschedule or cancel your appointment.  In general, I charge half the session fee for less than 24 hours advanced notice.  Thank you!

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